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First of All

First of All is a real, unfiltered conversation on career, family, love, & modern culture. Your host is actress/director/entrepreneur Minji Chang, who will bring in her friends & special guests from all walks of life to kick back in her virtual living room. Together we will laugh, drop whatever knowledge we have, & speak our truth on weekly featured topics plus a special advice segment called IMO (In My Opinion) addressing questions from listeners. Get ready for good times & all the feels.

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    #46 - Respect your Elders w/ FENG

    Millennials have this annoying reputation for being lazy, self-absorbed, and entitled, some of which can be true and some that's just plain nonsense. While some of these trends may hold up, a lot of sounds a lot like the same complaints every aging generation puts on the incoming one for just not being good enough. On this episode of First of All, Minji welcomes back dancer, artist, & entrepreneur homie FENG to the podcast to chat about the concept and values of respecting your elders. As Asian Americans, this is something both of them have been raised to strongly honor and respect since birth. Now that they're both in the thick of being the "grown up" and mentoring the next generation, they discover how maybe (just MAYBE) they ignored some pretty priceless wisdom as youngsters from parents, teachers, coaches, & even some peers. What are we ignoring? What are we unnecessarily shutting down? Are we better off for it? Together they take a moment to shed light on the value of being open to feedback, interpreting and implementing advice, and truly respecting elders who have come before.

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    #45 - My Thoughts on Crazy Rich Asians

    On this solo episode, Minji shares her thoughts on the movie on everyone's (especially Asian Americans’) minds - summer romcom Crazy Rich Asians. She talks about what it meant to her to see Asian characters on screen be allowed to be whatever they want to be, and why that's important to the rest of us, ALL OF US. She addresses the criticisms, controversies, & sh*t-talkers. She also shares her thoughts on why diversity matters, and how an unexpected conversation with an African American friend in Atlanta that helped her figure out why it's important to her to contribute her voice as an actor, writer, podcaster and consumer.

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    #44 - The Power of Vulnerability w/ Long Vo

    According to research professor & viral TED talk speaker Brené Brown, vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, creativity, belonging & love. It’s also the things we as humans often do anything, and we mean ANYTHING, to avoid being. We fear feelings of rejection, shame, guilt, inadequacies & much more. But what’s at stake when we withstand, nay FLEE, that which is so fundamental in building true connections with others? A lot, actually. In this episode, Minji invites her fried, personal trainer and Kollaboration SF Social Media Specialist Long Vo to chat about vulnerability, humility and motivation. They may even share an embarrassingly honest story or two. Y’know, to lead by vulnerable example.

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    #43 - God's Plan w/ Abe Kim

    On this episode, Minji sits down with her friend Abe Kim to talk through a very complex and layered part of their lives - navigating their faith growing up in a Christian church through the good, bad, and deeply confusing. With Abe's background as a pastor's kid and a student of theology, they talk through parallel but also uniquely different experiences with morality, social obligations, betrayals, cultural nuances and lingering questions about organized religion. Their conversation is a deep dive into their minds and hearts while just scratching the surface on a deeply personal aspect of many of our lives. Abe also reflects on how he's learned to process his thoughts and feelings through art and reconcile things when he's lost. They share important lessons they've learned in understanding and embracing their journeys realizing their purpose, ethics, and things much larger than themselves. And how sometimes it's ok to just not know.

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    #42 - Glow Up Man w/ Tom Ngo

    Never judge a book by their cover, they say. Minji’s friend, fellow podcaster, & former party promoter Tom Ngo says otherwise. You just gotta make sure to be curious and open-minded about what’s actually between the covers. In this episode, Minji and Tom go down the rabbit hole of hustling, dating, partying, and all the misconceptions about those who seem to participate in all three at once. They chat about their own first impressions of one another, whether they were accurate or not, and how they’ve both grown to reconcile who they come off to be vs who they really are. Tom shares his insights on growing from a lost boy who was prone to social pressures to a grown man, confident professional, and a more responsible adult. If you’ve ever questioned how to outgrow your former self to move onward & upward, this episode is for you.

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    #41 - Period Drama w/ Kristine Gerolaga

    This episode of First of All is all about the sacred, frustrating, empowering, and still widely underdiscussed experience that 50% of the world's population experiences (usually) for more than half their lifespan - the female period. Minji invites her friend and acting school classmate Kristine Gerolaga to talk about a topic that has just started to lose it's taboo stigma that can now (hopefully) be discussed openly and in mixed company. Together they walk through their journeys as women learning, experiencing, and embracing their periods, excruciating PMS and all. They go in depth on the shame surrounding this common and universal female experience and the ways compassion and empathy can help women deal with some obnoxious and painful realities each month. They also discuss that problematic nature of how media and widespread first world culture has downplayed or even ridiculed women's bodies and the dangerous toll it can take on EVERYONE. As an actress, writer, and filmmaker, Kristine has approached the experiences and emotions of women all over the world through her film Period Drama, which we hope you'll all take some time to watch! If you are a woman or if you have a mother, sister, cousin, coworker, colleague, or friend that has a uterus, this episode is for you. Time to share and learn, folks! Enjoy!

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    #40 - I AM ENOUGH

    "I am enough." The tried & true, cliche, DIY, self-help mantra takes on a brand new meaning and impact for Minji in this epiphany-driven solo episode. After a last minute family vacation to Hawaii that took more than a little effort for her to fully enjoy, Minji peels back the layers of a simple concept that's taken her a lifetime to apply.

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    #39 - The 2018 Struggle Is Real w/ Manpreet Kaur

    On this episode, Minji invites her friend Manpreet Kaur back to the podcast to talk about processing the massive stresses and anxieties of 2018 America (and beyond). Everything from daily political upheavals to heartbreaking human rights violations on top of mounting personal responsibilities like finances and family. HOW do we continue to function? Do we get normalized to chaos and stop caring? Do we turn off our newsfeeds and updates to shut out reality? How do we approach these topics with one another and work through the muck with opposing viewpoints with compassion without burning out? The triggers are plentiful, the gravity of the issues are real. In a day and age where the crisis alerts don't show any sign of slowing down, Minji and Manpreet discuss how important it is to work through all the thoughts and emotions. And it doesn't stop there, we need to strategize how to deal with it all. Together they chat about staying active and motivated while managing their mental and emotional exhaustion with tenacity and active self-care.

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    #38 - Learning to Talk to My Father

    Happy Father's Day! In honor of all the fathers and father figures out there helping raise us all into better human beings, Minji takes a second (or many) to honor the evolving relationship with a tough dad. This solo episode is all about her lifelong battle with the infamous Papa Chang, and how it has changed over the years as Minji has grown from a sassy-pants child to sassy-pants adult. She dives into everything from forgiveness when it's the absolute hardest to discovering empathy and compassion that she didn't know was possible.

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