First of All

First of All

First of All is a real, unfiltered conversation on career, family, love, & modern culture. Your host is actress/director/entrepreneur Minji Chang, who will bring in her friends & special guests from all walks of life to kick back in her virtual living room. Together we will laugh, drop whatever knowledge we have, & speak our truth on weekly featured topics plus a special advice segment called IMO (In My Opinion) addressing questions from listeners. Get ready for good times & all the feels.

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    #26 - Wait, YOU Run A Business? w/ Jane Lee & Eva Chan

    On this episode, Minji chats with Jane Lee and Eva Chan, the co-founders of Launch Pop, a startup lab that focuses on launching exciting new brands and companies. Jane and Eva share their experiences as power women in the entrepreneurial world, as well as the struggles and discrimination they still face way too often as female business owners. They also share their secret to starting a company with your best friend, knowing and defending your value, negotiating like a pro and how to keep growing as a professional!

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    #25 - Getting Over Your Ex

    Ever been in love? Ever had to let that love go? Whether it was you who made that difficult call or received it being made on you, letting go of someone you once cuddled, pet named, introduced to your family & friends, doodled in your notebook as your life partner, fought with over roadtrip snacks, & basically navigated the ups & downs of life So. Much. Suck. In this solo episode, Minji opens up on her personal journey of letting go of her last ex. Through rebounds, promising dates, single lady liberation, & mind numbing loneliness, Minji gets real on the process of (actually) letting go & moving on as well some of her biggest lessons learned.

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    #24 - How to Fight Imposter Syndrome with Tiffanie Hsu

    On this episode, Minji welcomes film director Tiffanie Hsu, hot off of premiering a documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, to talk about a topic very near and dear to her heart, imposter syndrome and how to fight it. Minji and Tiffanie discuss the many ways imposter syndrome can manifest in one's personal and professional lives, and how they've learned to deal with it.

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    #22 - Intro to Female Sexuality w/ Katie Roberts

    This is a fun & pretty crucial one. Minji sits down with writer, actress, nurse & fellow podcast host Katie Roberts to talk about female sexuality - a rarely discussed but vital topic. They talk puberty, sex ed, porn, and dealing with never having the sex talk before diving into intimate relationships. This just scratches the surface of an exciting & liberating frontier!

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    #21 - What Do You Want???

    Recorded as the last episode of 2017, here is the first episode of 2018! On this episode of First of All, Minji reflects on the crazy, difficult, awesome year that was and asks herself (and you dear listeners), what do you want? No really, What Do You Want?!?! Minji talks about growing from a person driven by fear to a person driven by desires outcomes and serving a higher purpose. She also makes a pretty big announcement regarding her own personal future for 2018.

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    #20 Giving Thanks Courageously w/ Melissa Polinar

    On this episode, Minji sits down with her friend, singer-songwriter & YouTube veteran, Melissa Polinar to bring some much needed positivity into the universe. They talk about what they're thankful for in 2017, a year that's been pretty awful to get through to say the least. Together they discuss the silver linings to all the drama & trauma of the current state of affairs - like appreciating what's truly important to them as individuals, their communities, & society at large & leaving the rest of the bs on the 2017 sidewalk as we head into a new year. #BYEFELICIA They also dive into defining courage vs. fearlessness, saying NO to toxic people/places/things, & how political awareness has been ignited for the better.

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    #19 Cuffing Season: Online Dating 101 w/ Steve Lim

    In this episode, Minji invites her good friend Steve Lim to talk cuffing season as he begins his journey with dating apps. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, cuffing season is that special time around the holidays when people who’d usually rather be single & free, find themselves longing to be in a serious relationship. What a time to be a noob, amirite? Listen to Steve’s struggles & triumphs in “marketing himself” to the masses & figuring out how to find something meaningful...if that’s even possible. Frank commentary & feedback from Minji abounds.

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    #18 Talking Race w/ Omono Okojie

    This episode's guest is the very talented actress/writer/dancer Omono Okojie, who you might've recently seen in Justin Chon's Sundance film "Gook." This week's featured topic is race, specifically the often under-discussed relationship between communities whose intersectionality rarely gets represented in the mainstream. Minji and Omono dive deep into their own experiences dealing with their identities as minority (grown ass) women in America, as well as race relations between the Asian and Black communities.

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    #17 Life On The Road w/ Photographer Melly Lee

    On this episode of First of All, Minji invites professional photographer and avid globetrotter Melly Lee to chat about life, career, and travel. Find out about Melly's journey as a painfully shy introvert turned adventurer photographer, listen in as Minji and Melly share tales about some uncomfortable confrontations and realities around staying safe on the road, and learn what that #wanderlust life is really like.

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