First of All

First of All

First of All is a real, unfiltered conversation on career, family, love, & modern culture. Your host is actress/director/entrepreneur Minji Chang, who will bring in her friends & special guests from all walks of life to kick back in her virtual living room. Together we will laugh, drop whatever knowledge we have, & speak our truth on weekly featured topics plus a special advice segment called IMO (In My Opinion) addressing questions from listeners. Get ready for good times & all the feels.

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    #40 - I AM ENOUGH

    "I am enough." The tried & true, cliche, DIY, self-help mantra takes on a brand new meaning and impact for Minji in this epiphany-driven solo episode. After a last minute family vacation to Hawaii that took more than a little effort for her to fully enjoy, Minji peels back the layers of a simple concept that's taken her a lifetime to apply.

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    #39 - The 2018 Struggle Is Real w/ Manpreet Kaur

    On this episode, Minji invites her friend Manpreet Kaur back to the podcast to talk about processing the massive stresses and anxieties of 2018 America (and beyond). Everything from daily political upheavals to heartbreaking human rights violations on top of mounting personal responsibilities like finances and family. HOW do we continue to function? Do we get normalized to chaos and stop caring? Do we turn off our newsfeeds and updates to shut out reality? How do we approach these topics with one another and work through the muck with opposing viewpoints with compassion without burning out? The triggers are plentiful, the gravity of the issues are real. In a day and age where the crisis alerts don't show any sign of slowing down, Minji and Manpreet discuss how important it is to work through all the thoughts and emotions. And it doesn't stop there, we need to strategize how to deal with it all. Together they chat about staying active and motivated while managing their mental and emotional exhaustion with tenacity and active self-care.

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    #38 - Learning to Talk to My Father

    Happy Father's Day! In honor of all the fathers and father figures out there helping raise us all into better human beings, Minji takes a second (or many) to honor the evolving relationship with a tough dad. This solo episode is all about her lifelong battle with the infamous Papa Chang, and how it has changed over the years as Minji has grown from a sassy-pants child to sassy-pants adult. She dives into everything from forgiveness when it's the absolute hardest to discovering empathy and compassion that she didn't know was possible.

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    #36 - Showing Up For Yourself w/ Leonardo Nam

    What does it actually take to make an idea or dream a reality? There’s goal-setting, visualization, positive thinking, mapping… but then there’s the part where you just have to grow up, show up & DO IT. And we may all know it, but it’s often easier said than done. Minji sits down to talk about the process of showing up for yourself & making things happen with her friend, actor Leonardo Nam (HBO’s Westworld, Sisterhood Of Traveling Pants, Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift, The Perfect Score). From moving from Argentina to Australia to NYC to LA, switching gears from architecture to drama, & sleeping in Central Park or a studio room floor for months to survive, Leo knows a thing or two about paying your dues & persevering through a lot of everything to succeed. Together they share anecdotes & a-ha moments as well as dealing with failure and success. If you’re figuring how/when/why to take your next turn, this episode will speak volumes (in a great, passionate Aussie accent).

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    #35 - Hello Freedom...& Anxiety!

    Chasing your dreams leads you to fulfillment, adventure...& in Minji’s case - bonus panic attacks. For this solo episode, Minji reflects on her first few weeks as a full-fledged freelance creative & professionally independent woman. From figuring out how to audition regularly to disciplining herself through some major imposter syndrome to submit for screenwriting fellowships, it's been non-stop chaos since "stepping down" from her almost-decade with Kollaboration. She shares three things she was completely unprepared for, and puts out six goals for self improvement. WOOSAHHHH

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    #34 - Liquor Store Babies w/ So Yun Um

    This episode is a special shoutout to all the immigrant babies out there and an inside look for those who are not! Fresh off of attending the 2018 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Minji chats with her friend So Yun Um, who just premiered her short film "Liquor Store Babies" as part of the festival's Armed with a Camera Fellowship. Inspired by the themes of the documentary short, Minji and So discuss growing up the children of immigrant parents working in the service industry as small business owners and the untold stories of middle class Asian American families.

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    #33 - Dealing With Anger w/ Paul Dateh

    On this super-sized episode, Minji and guest, musician Paul Dateh, take a trip into the Anger Zone. They chat about their respective experiences of dealing with rage and sometimes even being categorized as "angry people." They dive deep into the layers behind the emotions they've learned to navigate over the years. This includes how they've each learned how to channel these very powerful feelings into proactive and constructive action, while also just accepting them for what they are. Minji and Paul discuss how they cool down from heated exchanges and not to dwell in toxic emotions that hurt others and themselves.

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    #32 - The Most Important Relationship

    On this solo episode of First of All, Minji talks about the most important relationship a person can have in their life. Which one is that, you ask? Well, the one with yourself, of course. In light of a month filled with emotional twists, turns, and growing anxiety that doesn't always (or ever) show up in her Instagram feed, Minji reflects on her process of self-realization and what it all means to her as she begins the next stage in her career. Welcome to act two, everyone.

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    #31 - Goody Two Boobs w/ Priska

    On this episode, Minji invites her marvelous & eloquent friend, singer-songwriter Priska, to chat about a persona that they both know a few things about, the "goody two shoes." Minji and Priska break down the pressures of growing up with overwhelming and oftentimes problematic expectations to always be a "good girl." Together they start to peel back the layers of pressure that their respective backgrounds (Asian American, religious, multi-sibling family, millennial) put on them and the deeply rooted pros and cons of that journey. In a conversation that just starts to address the tip of the iceberg in a much wider conversation about complex gender norms and expectations, they also share how they have been able to break through and live much more honest, fulfilling, and balanced lives as strong women.

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