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First of All

First of All is a real, unfiltered conversation on career, family, love, & modern culture. Your host is actress/director/entrepreneur Minji Chang, who will bring in her friends & special guests from all walks of life to kick back in her virtual living room. Together we will laugh, drop whatever knowledge we have, & speak our truth on weekly featured topics plus a special advice segment called IMO (In My Opinion) addressing questions from listeners. Get ready for good times & all the feels.

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    #65 - KPop Scandals, Misogyny & More w/ Peter Kim

    This episode goes deep into discussing the dark underbelly of the K-Pop world & Korean culture. In this episode, Minji calls upon the hilarious insight of comedian Peter Kim, host of the podcast "The Ajumma Show", to talk about the recent K-pop scandal involving celebrities, politicians, police, prostitution, rape, corruption, & all encompassing nastiness that runs rampant in the industry and culture. Together they go all in on their experiences growing up Korean American, dealing with that all too real K-rage & the impact of such horrific events making global headlines in the midst of the hallyu cultural phenomenon. Time to spill the soju spiked tea, everyone.

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    #64 - Thoughts On Alcohol & Partying w/ Bryan Gosling

    Whatever your preference - beer pong at a house party, shots in a club, or a glass of wine (or three) with friends over dinner, alcohol is the widely beloved social lubricant of the ages. But as much as Drake loves to sing about it, sometimes a more in-depth conversation on partying, drinking, & evolving social etiquette can help. For this doozy of a topic, Minji sits down with her friend, Bryan, the quintessential club promoter & partier. Together they walk through their introductions to alcohol & other substances, talking about their honest impressions about social settings, peer pressure from high school to adulthood, cultural nuances & some, um, questionable decisions they've made over the years.

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    #63 - Defining Empowerment w/ Pam Ribon

    "Empower" has become a word used regularly in speeches, mission statements, & personal goals. But it can mean something different depending on who you ask for a definition. In a preparation for Minji's 4th Kollaboration EMPOWER Creative Leadership Conference, she sits down to talk through it all with one of the incredible women who, in her eyes, embodies the word itself - tv/film writer, novelist, comic book writer & hilarious human being, Pamela Ribon. Buckle your seatbelts & get ready for an incredible journey through Pam's life & mind from moving all around some the most obscure & quizzical parts of the US, becoming a mother unexpectedly, writing for a couple small projects with Disney (Moana & Wreck It Ralph 2, thankyouverymuch), & using the Internet to address some very problematic sexism with Barbie in between it all. Hopefully by the end, you will understand Minji's appreciation of Pam's fire & maybe walk away a little empowered yourself.

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    #62 - Connecting the Dots w/ Andrew Ahn

    As far as we can tell, there aren't that many people that can say they knew EXACTLY what their career would be early on, or had an easy time laying the groundwork to build it. For most of us regular folk, finding a career is much like a baby deer learning how to walk - it's awkward, entertaining, shaky, scary, & an inevitable part of the process. Or as we at First Of All like to call it, "the journey." How does a person take a mix of passion, interest, talent, timing, & good old-fashioned hard work, & produce a job that can pay the bills, keep our spirits inspired & our sanity intact? In this episode, Minji sits down with her dear friend & award-winning director Andrew Ahn. Together they take a look back at the many steps that brought them to their current places in life, & acknowledge the scattered but meaningful steps that brought them where they both believe they should be. Get ready from some practical advice, like student loan management & when to leave your day job for a passion career, plus some therapeutic soul-searching on anger, anxiety, & learning how to trust your gut.

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    #61 - The (Seriously) Long Road to Therapy

    Anyone else find it easy to give solid, loving, practical advice... & also be the worst at taking it, even (gasp) applying it in our actual lives?? A common struggle we all can face at some point is not taking action to improve our own lives, even when it's easy to dish out & implore (maybe even nag) others to just do as we say. Or maybe we're open to hearing advice, perhaps even resolving to make a change, but when it comes down to putting the wheels in motion, we freeze, we procrastinate, we make excuses, we "forget", we project.. or all of the above. On this solo episode, Minji shares the long, ironic road that led her to finally take her own advice & start therapy to address her growing bouts of anxiety & depression. She also shares how she's been since starting her sessions & what she's learned along the way. Being brutally honest with yourself & accepting responsibility can suck..& it could also be the key to actually moving forward & learning how to practice the self-love we truly need.

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    #60 - First Impressions & the First Date w/ Kenji (V Day Special)

    Who loves Valentine's Day?! XOXO <333 @}--}----- ..... Kenji & Minji don't. But the holiday does lend itself to a perfect podcast theme for all things dating and romance! So we're going to go ahead and celebrate that! Now, Kenji has already made multiple First Of All guest appearances to discuss long distance woes and how to navigate fights and rough patches while being in a relationship with our beloved host.. but how did all of it start??? In this special Valentine's Day episode, Minji and Kenji take a trip down memory lane to share their honest first impressions of each other from the moment they met years before their first date. They also share the long windy road of being random acquaintances out in Utah to becoming a committed couple. Every relationship has its own unique beginning, and theirs involves so many of the crazy, stupid, lovely things we celebrate and cringe about on this blasted day - risk, rejection, patience, persistence, openness, and so much more. Disclaimer: Minji was on flu medication while recording this episode, so please throw her a bone and some healing vibes. LOVE YALL, ENJOY!

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    #59 - Diving Into the Subconscious & Therapy w/ Panney Wei

    The self-care 2019 resolution is in full effect, yall. As a longtime advocate of self-care & mental health, Minji finally puts her money where her mouth is & starts her transformational journey getting therapy with her friend & certified hypnotherapist, Panney Wei. Together they discuss Panney's evolution in finding her calling to become a mental health provider after multiple careers as a star athlete, film producer, & entertainment professional. They peel back the layers about stigmas on asking for help, the reality of our subconscious minds, true self-actualization & how they deal with juggling all of it (plus much more) with integrity, honesty, & perseverance.

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    #58 - Mean Girls w/ Christine Chen

    Minji sits down with her friend, producer, "Perfectly Imperfect" podcast host & life coach Christine Chen to talk about a much discussed and often difficult to understand reality of "mean girls" - being one, dealing with one (or many), and some of the underlying layers that feed into problematic female relationships. In the age of #MeToo and #TimesUp, these elder millennials go down the rabbit hole of bullying, low self-esteem, professional obstacles and sexualization of women, and how it results in women who hurt other women. They get real with how they've struggled to see women as friends and allies, and even how seeing themselves being "one of the guys" has changed over the years. They share their thoughts on feminism, and how to process all of it as they work towards creating a drama-free and supportive space for friendship, and dare we say it?, sisterhood.

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    #57 - The Nice Guy Episode w/ Nice Guy Scott

    Do nice guys really finish last? And um, when & why did being "nice" become such a loaded, problematic thing? What's the baggage of this word & are we just giving it grief for no good reason? WHO WILL DEFEND THE NICE GUYS?? In this inaugural 2019 episode, Minji sits down with her friend Scott to unpackage all this & more. It's time to dive in deep with some funny anecdotes, painfully hard lessons learned, & of course, some very real talk from many perspectives. Welcome to 2019 on First Of All!

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    #56 - Keep On Keeping On w/ Producer Schmarv

    The man, the myth, the legend - Producer Marvin joins Minji for the first time on First of All. After 5 years of working together for the Asian American grassroots organization Kollaboration, 180+ episodes of co-hosting KollabCast podcast, launching First Of All & multiple years of nagging, venting, regrouping, & apologizing...Marvin & Minji are pretty familiar with powering through hard times. In this episode, they reflect on how they've handled getting through tough times, with themselves as individuals & with one another as colleagues & friends. Sidebar: Marvin shares one or two (or five) anecdotes of Minji's meltdowns, so suffice it to say it's an entertaining journey. Hope you all close out the year on a strong & positive note!

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    #55 - Don't Kill My Vibe w/ Kevyn Fong

    HEY GUYS, it's that time of year again. 2018 is rapidly coming to a close & it's time to reflect, plan, & strategize execution of the most INCREDIBLE, FULFILLING, & ABUNDANT YEARS OF OUR LIVES Y'ALL. You know, to counteract whatever stressful, debilitating, anxiety-inducing nonsense this year may have caused you to lose hope in humanity or.. just simply killed your vibe. Whatever it may be, Minji is with you. Seriously. And figuring out how to protect your energy with good vibes & constructive habits is what we're here to discuss. In this episode, Minji brings back her AMAZING friend & talent manager KEVYN FONG to do what they do best - spill the tea (literally/figuratively) & Marie Kondo deep clean their hearts in preparation for 2019. Together they share what they're leaving behind as they move forward into the new year with more clarity, compassion, self-care, & habits. We're talking mind, body, money & so much more. Happy Holidays First Of All fam!!

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    #54 - The Geisha Incident

    On this solo episode, Minji recounts a recent racially-charged incident in her growing acting career - getting asked for "geisha" photos from a prospective Hollywood manager. As a millennial woman of color who has participated in the growing outrage culture around her, Minji is faced with an important and uncomfortable choice. She must decide how to address this triggering request with integrity, courage, while also not ruining her career that's just getting started.

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    #53 - Into the Wilderness of Cuffing Season & Dating (One Year Later) w/ Jess Ju

    The last time Minji invited Her Royal Empress Ratchet & Captain of #TeamExtra Jess Ju on this podcast for Episode 12, they dove head first into their experiences with online dating. In an in-depth analysis of favorite dating platforms, unsolicited dick pics, unique criteria for swiping right, & implementing questionable boundaries, they explored, celebrated, & lamented the untethered single life. Now one year later, they both find themselves in serious relationships. Ohhhh how the tables have turned.. Tune in for an equally entertaining conversation on how Jess went from fling to ring (at least talking about it) within weeks of that fateful Episode 12 as well as the unexpected transition of Kenji from Facebook friend to boyfriend. This episode comes with reflections & advice for all lovers, unattached, coupled, or otherwise. Happy HoliBAES!

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    #52 - Thank You, Next

    Happy Thanksgiving First Of All fam! In Minji's second Thanksgiving episode, she continues a tradition of reflection on the past year, & what a year it has been. Thanks to Ariana Grande, we have a flow to this one: what taught her LOVE, PAIN, & PATIENCE & looking forward to what's NEXT. Diving right into the heart of holiday season with this one. Let's close this year out right!

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    #51 - Overcoming Rejection w/ Dia Frampton

    It's annoying, it's paralyzing, it's inevitable... it's REJECTION! Whether dealing with it at work, between friends or strangers, and most certainly in our romantic lives, rejection is that ugly reality that can mess with our sense of self-worth and ultimately our progress in life. In this week's episode of First Of All, Minji sits down with her marvelous friend, singer/songwriter/actor Dia Frampton. Together they dissect the many ways rejection has played a pivotal, albeit frustrating, role in their lives and how they've learned to cope with its many forms. While no two people or experiences are the same, Dia and Minji discuss how we can learn to develop courage and resilience through the pain of it all. Together they share ways to power through and hopefully find silver linings even in the most unexpected ways.

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    #50 - Completely Broken

    Content Warning: Discussion of depression & suicide

    After an unexpected and extensive absence, Minji returns with a solo episode to talk about some difficult things that she's been dealing with for the past few weeks. She expands on her experience losing one of her close friends to suicide and the process of grieving, feeling, rationalizing, accepting, and learning from the process. If you or someone you love is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please seek help and call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.

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    #49 - Feeling FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) w/ JoonLeeComedy

    “Is everyone hanging out without me? Why wasn’t I invited? Wow, their life seems amazing..and mine... sucks. I mean, I’m broke and exhausted and have a million things I need to do.. but.. I can’t NOT go. I hate this, but everyone else is doing it..might as well.” Sound familiar? Welcome to the age of FOMO- fear of missing out. This episode, Minji sits down with one of her favorite ATLiens on the planet- comedian Joon Lee. Together they go down the rabbit hole of dealing with daily, relentless, obnoxious, distracting, toxic & sometimes soul-crushing FOMO. They get real about how much it influences their lives in different ways, and a reality check on how to deal with it all. If you’re getting swept up in constantly comparing yourself to others in this extra triggering social media society, we got you.

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    #48 - Opportunity Costs

    In high school, Minji fell asleep in Econ class. In college, she tried it once more, only this time became completely intrigued & inspired by its concepts. One of her absolute favs? OPPORTUNITY COST - the benefits an individual misses out on when choosing one alternative over another. It's a concept that's more & more significant as she works hard at making smart, productive, healthy decisions. As time, energy, and bs tolerance become increasingly scarce in Minji's life, she realizes the importance of stepping back & recognizing the impact & payoff of her decisions, big & small. What are we giving up to prioritize the choices that we make? How can we assess if giving up X, we'll be more satisfied with Y? How do our actions align (or misalign) with our values & beliefs? Whether these decisions regard health, money, or relationships, Minji reflects on it on this solo episode of First Of All.

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    #47 - How To Deal w/ Fighting w/ Kenji

    Hey. We need to talk. Anyone else freak out when they hear those words? Maybe it's because usually on the other side of that tiny declaration is a serious conversation that might very well involve something you may have done wrong. Or didn't do enough of. Or forgot. Or unintentionally but insensitively ruined for all eternitty. In any case, conflict resolution is an essential part of life, so why is it still such a dreaded thing we gladly (and frequently) run away from? Whether it applies to family, friends, coworkers, or our romantic partners, figuring out to deal with our problems directly is a skill that must be constantly honed and practiced. In this episode of FOA, Minji sits down with her sparring partner, er, boyfriend, Kenji, to reflect on their ups & downs in learning how to resolve conflicts in their relationship & in others. They discuss communication styles, clashing personalities, taking responsibility, humor, and basic argument survival skills. We'll get through this, guys. Promise. Part one of a neverending series...

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    #46 - Respect your Elders w/ FENG

    Millennials have this annoying reputation for being lazy, self-absorbed, and entitled, some of which can be true and some that's just plain nonsense. While some of these trends may hold up, a lot of sounds a lot like the same complaints every aging generation puts on the incoming one for just not being good enough. On this episode of First of All, Minji welcomes back dancer, artist, & entrepreneur homie FENG to the podcast to chat about the concept and values of respecting your elders. As Asian Americans, this is something both of them have been raised to strongly honor and respect since birth. Now that they're both in the thick of being the "grown up" and mentoring the next generation, they discover how maybe (just MAYBE) they ignored some pretty priceless wisdom as youngsters from parents, teachers, coaches, & even some peers. What are we ignoring? What are we unnecessarily shutting down? Are we better off for it? Together they take a moment to shed light on the value of being open to feedback, interpreting and implementing advice, and truly respecting elders who have come before.

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    #45 - My Thoughts on Crazy Rich Asians

    On this solo episode, Minji shares her thoughts on the movie on everyone's (especially Asian Americans’) minds - summer romcom Crazy Rich Asians. She talks about what it meant to her to see Asian characters on screen be allowed to be whatever they want to be, and why that's important to the rest of us, ALL OF US. She addresses the criticisms, controversies, & sh*t-talkers. She also shares her thoughts on why diversity matters, and how an unexpected conversation with an African American friend in Atlanta that helped her figure out why it's important to her to contribute her voice as an actor, writer, podcaster and consumer.

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    #44 - The Power of Vulnerability w/ Long Vo

    According to research professor & viral TED talk speaker Brené Brown, vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, creativity, belonging & love. It’s also the things we as humans often do anything, and we mean ANYTHING, to avoid being. We fear feelings of rejection, shame, guilt, inadequacies & much more. But what’s at stake when we withstand, nay FLEE, that which is so fundamental in building true connections with others? A lot, actually. In this episode, Minji invites her fried, personal trainer and Kollaboration SF Social Media Specialist Long Vo to chat about vulnerability, humility and motivation. They may even share an embarrassingly honest story or two. Y’know, to lead by vulnerable example.

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    #43 - God's Plan w/ Abe Kim

    On this episode, Minji sits down with her friend Abe Kim to talk through a very complex and layered part of their lives - navigating their faith growing up in a Christian church through the good, bad, and deeply confusing. With Abe's background as a pastor's kid and a student of theology, they talk through parallel but also uniquely different experiences with morality, social obligations, betrayals, cultural nuances and lingering questions about organized religion. Their conversation is a deep dive into their minds and hearts while just scratching the surface on a deeply personal aspect of many of our lives. Abe also reflects on how he's learned to process his thoughts and feelings through art and reconcile things when he's lost. They share important lessons they've learned in understanding and embracing their journeys realizing their purpose, ethics, and things much larger than themselves. And how sometimes it's ok to just not know.

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    #42 - Glow Up Man w/ Tom Ngo

    Never judge a book by their cover, they say. Minji’s friend, fellow podcaster, & former party promoter Tom Ngo says otherwise. You just gotta make sure to be curious and open-minded about what’s actually between the covers. In this episode, Minji and Tom go down the rabbit hole of hustling, dating, partying, and all the misconceptions about those who seem to participate in all three at once. They chat about their own first impressions of one another, whether they were accurate or not, and how they’ve both grown to reconcile who they come off to be vs who they really are. Tom shares his insights on growing from a lost boy who was prone to social pressures to a grown man, confident professional, and a more responsible adult. If you’ve ever questioned how to outgrow your former self to move onward & upward, this episode is for you.

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    #41 - Period Drama w/ Kristine Gerolaga

    This episode of First of All is all about the sacred, frustrating, empowering, and still widely underdiscussed experience that 50% of the world's population experiences (usually) for more than half their lifespan - the female period. Minji invites her friend and acting school classmate Kristine Gerolaga to talk about a topic that has just started to lose it's taboo stigma that can now (hopefully) be discussed openly and in mixed company. Together they walk through their journeys as women learning, experiencing, and embracing their periods, excruciating PMS and all. They go in depth on the shame surrounding this common and universal female experience and the ways compassion and empathy can help women deal with some obnoxious and painful realities each month. They also discuss that problematic nature of how media and widespread first world culture has downplayed or even ridiculed women's bodies and the dangerous toll it can take on EVERYONE. As an actress, writer, and filmmaker, Kristine has approached the experiences and emotions of women all over the world through her film Period Drama, which we hope you'll all take some time to watch! If you are a woman or if you have a mother, sister, cousin, coworker, colleague, or friend that has a uterus, this episode is for you. Time to share and learn, folks! Enjoy!

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    #40 - I AM ENOUGH

    "I am enough." The tried & true, cliche, DIY, self-help mantra takes on a brand new meaning and impact for Minji in this epiphany-driven solo episode. After a last minute family vacation to Hawaii that took more than a little effort for her to fully enjoy, Minji peels back the layers of a simple concept that's taken her a lifetime to apply.

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    #39 - The 2018 Struggle Is Real w/ Manpreet Kaur

    On this episode, Minji invites her friend Manpreet Kaur back to the podcast to talk about processing the massive stresses and anxieties of 2018 America (and beyond). Everything from daily political upheavals to heartbreaking human rights violations on top of mounting personal responsibilities like finances and family. HOW do we continue to function? Do we get normalized to chaos and stop caring? Do we turn off our newsfeeds and updates to shut out reality? How do we approach these topics with one another and work through the muck with opposing viewpoints with compassion without burning out? The triggers are plentiful, the gravity of the issues are real. In a day and age where the crisis alerts don't show any sign of slowing down, Minji and Manpreet discuss how important it is to work through all the thoughts and emotions. And it doesn't stop there, we need to strategize how to deal with it all. Together they chat about staying active and motivated while managing their mental and emotional exhaustion with tenacity and active self-care.

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    #38 - Learning to Talk to My Father

    Happy Father's Day! In honor of all the fathers and father figures out there helping raise us all into better human beings, Minji takes a second (or many) to honor the evolving relationship with a tough dad. This solo episode is all about her lifelong battle with the infamous Papa Chang, and how it has changed over the years as Minji has grown from a sassy-pants child to sassy-pants adult. She dives into everything from forgiveness when it's the absolute hardest to discovering empathy and compassion that she didn't know was possible.

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    #36 - Showing Up For Yourself w/ Leonardo Nam

    What does it actually take to make an idea or dream a reality? There’s goal-setting, visualization, positive thinking, mapping… but then there’s the part where you just have to grow up, show up & DO IT. And we may all know it, but it’s often easier said than done. Minji sits down to talk about the process of showing up for yourself & making things happen with her friend, actor Leonardo Nam (HBO’s Westworld, Sisterhood Of Traveling Pants, Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift, The Perfect Score). From moving from Argentina to Australia to NYC to LA, switching gears from architecture to drama, & sleeping in Central Park or a studio room floor for months to survive, Leo knows a thing or two about paying your dues & persevering through a lot of everything to succeed. Together they share anecdotes & a-ha moments as well as dealing with failure and success. If you’re figuring how/when/why to take your next turn, this episode will speak volumes (in a great, passionate Aussie accent).

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    #35 - Hello Freedom...& Anxiety!

    Chasing your dreams leads you to fulfillment, adventure...& in Minji’s case - bonus panic attacks. For this solo episode, Minji reflects on her first few weeks as a full-fledged freelance creative & professionally independent woman. From figuring out how to audition regularly to disciplining herself through some major imposter syndrome to submit for screenwriting fellowships, it's been non-stop chaos since "stepping down" from her almost-decade with Kollaboration. She shares three things she was completely unprepared for, and puts out six goals for self improvement. WOOSAHHHH

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    #34 - Liquor Store Babies w/ So Yun Um

    This episode is a special shoutout to all the immigrant babies out there and an inside look for those who are not! Fresh off of attending the 2018 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Minji chats with her friend So Yun Um, who just premiered her short film "Liquor Store Babies" as part of the festival's Armed with a Camera Fellowship. Inspired by the themes of the documentary short, Minji and So discuss growing up the children of immigrant parents working in the service industry as small business owners and the untold stories of middle class Asian American families.

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    #33 - Dealing With Anger w/ Paul Dateh

    On this super-sized episode, Minji and guest, musician Paul Dateh, take a trip into the Anger Zone. They chat about their respective experiences of dealing with rage and sometimes even being categorized as "angry people." They dive deep into the layers behind the emotions they've learned to navigate over the years. This includes how they've each learned how to channel these very powerful feelings into proactive and constructive action, while also just accepting them for what they are. Minji and Paul discuss how they cool down from heated exchanges and not to dwell in toxic emotions that hurt others and themselves.

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    #32 - The Most Important Relationship

    On this solo episode of First of All, Minji talks about the most important relationship a person can have in their life. Which one is that, you ask? Well, the one with yourself, of course. In light of a month filled with emotional twists, turns, and growing anxiety that doesn't always (or ever) show up in her Instagram feed, Minji reflects on her process of self-realization and what it all means to her as she begins the next stage in her career. Welcome to act two, everyone.

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    #31 - Goody Two Boobs w/ Priska

    On this episode, Minji invites her marvelous & eloquent friend, singer-songwriter Priska, to chat about a persona that they both know a few things about, the "goody two shoes." Minji and Priska break down the pressures of growing up with overwhelming and oftentimes problematic expectations to always be a "good girl." Together they start to peel back the layers of pressure that their respective backgrounds (Asian American, religious, multi-sibling family, millennial) put on them and the deeply rooted pros and cons of that journey. In a conversation that just starts to address the tip of the iceberg in a much wider conversation about complex gender norms and expectations, they also share how they have been able to break through and live much more honest, fulfilling, and balanced lives as strong women.

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    #30 - Coaching Life w/ Abraham Heisler

    In this episode, Minji dives into her decision and experience working with her good friend turned life coach, Abraham Heisler. As society continued to get more in each other's face with social media, mental health issues running rampant and unaddressed, and huge life decisions looming over Minji's head back in 2017, she made a life-changing and rather uncomfortable decision to invest in gasp herself. Minji and Abraham get very real discussing some of their worries, concerns, and some of Minji's deeply rooted hangups about becoming "one of those people". What does that even mean??? They talk about self-limitations and how a life coach serves as a catalyst to help bring out the most authentic, badass version of you possible. Abraham even walks Minji through a quick (and unexpected!) coaching session on air for all you to hear. And for those who are curious but have no intention to get a life coach, or you're just not ready yet, they both share their fav ways to practice self-care and use other effective life hacks to relax, grow, and thrive.

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    #29 - Toxic Masculinity w/ Slim

    Steve Lim returns as Minji's guest to talk about a topic on both their minds - toxic masculinity. Together, they explore their own early experiences dealing with gendered expectations and how it has shaped their lives, especially as their understanding has become more nuanced over the last few years. While this isn't a new experience by any means, it's a more newly coined term to identify problematic norms and stereotypes that have brought us to our present #MeToo and #TimesUp era.

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    #28 - I QUIT MY JOB

    In this episode, Minji explains why she has made the big life decision of quitting her non-profit job to pursue her dream of becoming an actor/writer/director. She also shares 12 life lessons for anyone looking to switch it up and/or do big things in their career.

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    #27 - How to Introvert w/ Melly Lee

    Photographer and world traveler Melly Lee returns to First of All to educate us on what it's like to be an introvert in an extrovert's world. As an unabashed extrovert, Minji learns about the myriad ways she might've been driving her introvert friends crazy (amongst others). In the end, we learn that the secret is to appreciate each other's strengths while acknowledging each other's needs.

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    #26 - Wait, YOU Run A Business? w/ Jane Lee & Eva Chan

    On this episode, Minji chats with Jane Lee and Eva Chan, the co-founders of Launch Pop, a startup lab that focuses on launching exciting new brands and companies. Jane and Eva share their experiences as power women in the entrepreneurial world, as well as the struggles and discrimination they still face way too often as female business owners. They also share their secret to starting a company with your best friend, knowing and defending your value, negotiating like a pro and how to keep growing as a professional!

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    #25 - Getting Over Your Ex

    Ever been in love? Ever had to let that love go? Whether it was you who made that difficult call or received it being made on you, letting go of someone you once cuddled, pet named, introduced to your family & friends, doodled in your notebook as your life partner, fought with over roadtrip snacks, & basically navigated the ups & downs of life So. Much. Suck. In this solo episode, Minji opens up on her personal journey of letting go of her last ex. Through rebounds, promising dates, single lady liberation, & mind numbing loneliness, Minji gets real on the process of (actually) letting go & moving on as well some of her biggest lessons learned.

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    #24 - How to Fight Imposter Syndrome with Tiffanie Hsu

    On this episode, Minji welcomes film director Tiffanie Hsu, hot off of premiering a documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, to talk about a topic very near and dear to her heart, imposter syndrome and how to fight it. Minji and Tiffanie discuss the many ways imposter syndrome can manifest in one's personal and professional lives, and how they've learned to deal with it.

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    #23 - Coming Out w/ Kevyn Fong

    This week Minji invites her friend, the talented Producer and Talent Manager Kevyn Fong, to the podcast. Kevyn shares his experiences growing up as a gay Asian American and how he came out to his parents. Together they walk through Kevyn's journey of milestone moments as an individual, evolving and embracing who he is 100%, and surrounding himself with friends and supporters who do the same.

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    #22 - Intro to Female Sexuality w/ Katie Roberts

    This is a fun & pretty crucial one. Minji sits down with writer, actress, nurse & fellow podcast host Katie Roberts to talk about female sexuality - a rarely discussed but vital topic. They talk puberty, sex ed, porn, and dealing with never having the sex talk before diving into intimate relationships. This just scratches the surface of an exciting & liberating frontier!

  45. Thumb 1514830562 artwork

    #21 - What Do You Want???

    Recorded as the last episode of 2017, here is the first episode of 2018! On this episode of First of All, Minji reflects on the crazy, difficult, awesome year that was and asks herself (and you dear listeners), what do you want? No really, What Do You Want?!?! Minji talks about growing from a person driven by fear to a person driven by desires outcomes and serving a higher purpose. She also makes a pretty big announcement regarding her own personal future for 2018.

  46. Thumb 1513822019 artwork

    #20 Giving Thanks Courageously w/ Melissa Polinar

    On this episode, Minji sits down with her friend, singer-songwriter & YouTube veteran, Melissa Polinar to bring some much needed positivity into the universe. They talk about what they're thankful for in 2017, a year that's been pretty awful to get through to say the least. Together they discuss the silver linings to all the drama & trauma of the current state of affairs - like appreciating what's truly important to them as individuals, their communities, & society at large & leaving the rest of the bs on the 2017 sidewalk as we head into a new year. #BYEFELICIA They also dive into defining courage vs. fearlessness, saying NO to toxic people/places/things, & how political awareness has been ignited for the better.

  47. Thumb 1512760182 artwork

    #19 Cuffing Season: Online Dating 101 w/ Steve Lim

    In this episode, Minji invites her good friend Steve Lim to talk cuffing season as he begins his journey with dating apps. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, cuffing season is that special time around the holidays when people who’d usually rather be single & free, find themselves longing to be in a serious relationship. What a time to be a noob, amirite? Listen to Steve’s struggles & triumphs in “marketing himself” to the masses & figuring out how to find something meaningful...if that’s even possible. Frank commentary & feedback from Minji abounds.

  48. Thumb 1512525073 artwork

    #18 Talking Race w/ Omono Okojie

    This episode's guest is the very talented actress/writer/dancer Omono Okojie, who you might've recently seen in Justin Chon's Sundance film "Gook." This week's featured topic is race, specifically the often under-discussed relationship between communities whose intersectionality rarely gets represented in the mainstream. Minji and Omono dive deep into their own experiences dealing with their identities as minority (grown ass) women in America, as well as race relations between the Asian and Black communities.

  49. Thumb 1511907996 artwork

    #17 Life On The Road w/ Photographer Melly Lee

    On this episode of First of All, Minji invites professional photographer and avid globetrotter Melly Lee to chat about life, career, and travel. Find out about Melly's journey as a painfully shy introvert turned adventurer photographer, listen in as Minji and Melly share tales about some uncomfortable confrontations and realities around staying safe on the road, and learn what that #wanderlust life is really like.

  50. Thumb 1510268773 artwork

    #16 How to Get Sh*t Done (& Feel Good About It)

    After a jam-packed weekend of producing back to back events while also handling some major adulting woes, Minji shares some of her tips about how to get things done while staying healthy and balanced. Drawing from lessons from her successes as well as her mistakes, take a look into Minji's perspective on how to handle life like a boss.

  51. Thumb 1509416525 artwork

    #15 How to Find Closure & Let Go w/ Jennii Vo Le

    On this episode of First of All, Minji invites one of her best friends & unofficial spiritual guides, poet/actress/life coach Jennii Vo Le, to talk about finding closure and letting go, one of Minji's most difficult challenges in life. They discuss loves lost, family, anger, forgiveness, moving on, and working on that lofty goal of living your best life. Let this conversation be a chill and meaningful intro into all things energetic and spiritual. Time to bust out the sage smudge stick and crystals, y'all. We have some inner housekeeping to do. In this episode's IMO, how does one assert their own opinion without minimizing other people's opinions.

  52. Thumb 1508353420 artwork

    #14 My #MeToo Story - I Was In Love With My Abuser

    In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein debacle & the growing #MeToo social media movement highlighting the widespread experiences of sexual assault & harassment, Minji sheds light on her own painful history with abuse. She shares her thoughts on how to find strength in solidarity, peace through ongoing healing, & active solutions to domestic violence ranging from our private relationships with ourselves & others to changing social norms & policy.

  53. Thumb 1507768877 artwork

    #13 Let's Talk about Body Image w/ Cait Bidwell

    This week, Minji invites fellow actor Cait Bidwell to talk about body image & the horrible, wonderful, frustrating, empowering, challenging, bizarre journey of learning to love our bodies & feel good in our own skin. They discuss the many ways society, culture, and even family can affect a woman's image of herself, and how they've learned to confront them head on. For this week's IMO, a little advice on how to introduce a brand new significant other to your parents.

  54. Thumb 1506469358 artwork

    #12 Into the Wilderness of Online Dating w/ Jess Ju

    In this week's supersized episode, Minji swaps online dating stories with fellow single professional superwoman & captain of #teamextra, Jess Ju. Together, they discuss profile dealbreakers, dating app rankings, unsolicited dick pics, and so much more. Also, on this week's IMO segment, Minji and Jess share their thoughts about how to establish boundaries.

  55. Thumb 1505860710 artwork

    #11 - Storytime: Minji's Awkward Asian Fetish Audition

    In this episode, Minji shares a recent strange audition experience as a fledgling actor. She reflects about the challenges of being an actor who is female, Asian, and hungry to make it in Hollywood along with all its universal, sometimes depressing, but incredibly important implications. #thestruggleisreal #weshallovercome

  56. Thumb 1505177726 artwork

    #10 How To Be A Badass w/ Shirley Chung

    Two time Top Chef finalist Shirley Chung joins Minji to talk about growing up in China and the Bay Area, finding love, pursuing her passion for cooking, and how to be a badass female in a male dominated industry. For this episode's IMO, Minji and Shirley discuss how to deal with fake people.

  57. Thumb 1504661335 artwork

    #9 - Hurricane Harvey & Hometown Heroes w/ Jeff Chen

    Minji talks to her good friend and Kollaboration colleague Jeff Chen (aka DJ Kidstylez) about the relief efforts in Jeff's hometown of Houston, TX. They discuss the everyday heroes that have emerged in the wake of Huricane Harvey and how people (like you) can get involved and assist with Houston's recovery. In this week's IMO segment, Minji and Jeff talk about discussing climate change in today's political climate.

  58. Thumb 1504051943 artwork

    #8 - Thoughts On Life and Death (In Memory of Irene Cho)

    Minji takes a moment to reflect on the recent & sudden death of a dear friend and mentor. Irene Cho was an advocate, hustler, & stalwart of the Asian American entertainment community and will be missed by everyone she touched. In this episode, Minji gets real understanding the seven stages grief, & appreciates the lessons that often come when dealing with death, especially the importance of time & relationships.

  59. Thumb 1503441490 artwork

    #7 - Reflections of Immigrant Life in the USA w/ Minji's Mom

    Minji went home this past weekend and while she was there she recorded a podcast with her mom. Minji's mom shares her immigrant story, coming to America, raising 3 kids, dealing with racism, and her hopes for the furture.

  60. Thumb 1502937716 artwork

    #6 - Surrender pt. 2

    Minji has some thoughts on the events of this past week and weekend

  61. Thumb 1502768012 artwork

    #5 How to Deal with Heartbreak w/ Travis Atreo

    Minji's invites her good friend, singer-songwriter Travis Atreo, to dive into everyone's favorite topic: relationships and heartbreak. Together they share experiences and ways to cope with losing someone you've loved (or, you know, really really liked) with a reminder that there's a light at the end of every painful tunnel. For this week's IMO segment, Minji and Travis share their tips on how to practice self-love and take care of yourself in times of great stress.

  62. Thumb 1502220337 artwork

    #4 - How to Deal with Burnout w/ Christine Chen

    This episode, Minji brings on one of her good friends and fellow wonder woman, Christine Chen, to chat about a topic that they both commiserate on regularly, "burnout." They share about how they deal with stress as creatives and as independent women. For this week's IMO, Minji and Christine takes a listener question on making friends and being social.

  63. Thumb 1501639295 artwork

    #3 - Surrender pt. 1

    On this episode of First of All, Minji shares about a concept that's that's been on her mind recently, "surrendering." She also performs an updated piece that she wrote back a few years ago and just performed again this past week. on IMO, Minji gives advice on when it's a good time to seriously pursue your passion project.

  64. Thumb 1500980187 artwork

    #2 - When Harry Met Sally: Can Men and Women Just Be Friends? w/ FENG

    For the second episode of "First of All," Minji invites artist and dancer FENG to talk about one of her favorite movies, When Harry Met Sally, and it's underlying theme, "can men and women be best friends." Also, in this week's IMO segment, we figure out what "out of your league" actually means.

  65. Thumb 1500368989 artwork

    #1 - Sorry Not Sorry w/ Manpreet Kaur

    Welcome to "First of All," a new podcast hosted by actress/director/entrepreneur Minji Chang, who will bring in her friends & special guests from all walks of life to have a real, unfiltered conversation on career, family, love, & modern culture. In this first episode, Minji chats with Kollaboration LA Executive Director Manpreet Kaur about the "sorry" culture and how we can benefit from being mindful of this toxic tendency to shift our behavior and mentality. In addition, we discuss dealing with generational differences in the first IMO segment.

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